hovigian has uploaded 131 photos to Flickr. The Crusaders called the city Antartus, and also Tortosa. A novel with the backdrop of the Syrian coast and Tartous, Abufares said... the world according to a Tartoussi, an English blog from Tartous, eTartus - a website for Tartus news and services, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Tartus&oldid=995837738, Castles and fortifications of the Kingdom of Jerusalem, Mediterranean port cities and towns in Syria, Castles and fortifications of the Knights Templar, Pages using infobox settlement with possible demonym list, Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases from August 2014, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2014, Articles with unsourced statements from November 2016, Articles with unsourced statements from April 2019, Articles with failed verification from October 2015, Articles with unsourced statements from June 2011, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Les dernières nouvelles de la Syrie sur la carte Outside the fortress few historic remains can be seen, with the exception of the former cathedral of Notre-Dame of Tartus (Our Lady of Tortosa), from the 12th century. Purportedly targeting Alawite gatherings, the bombs killed 48 people. Daha fazla videoya gözat Satellite view and map of Port of Tartous in Tartous - Syria. And 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) away from the coast of Tartous, is Syria´s only Island located–Arwad Island. [7][8][9], No longer a residential bishopric, Antaradus is today listed by the Catholic Church as a titular see. Company Profile. Carte des combats en Syrie. The city of Tortosa was recaptured by Saladin in 1188, and the main Templar headquarters relocated to Cyprus. The Chemins de Fer Syriens operated railway network connects Tartus to major cities in Syria, although only the Latakia-Tartus passenger connection is in service. Try our new website at beta.foreca.com!. [citation needed], Coordinates: 34°53′N 35°53′E / 34.883°N 35.883°E / 34.883; 35.883, "Syria: largest cities and towns and statistics of their population", "Climatological Information for Tartous, Syria", "IS blasts in Syria regime heartland kill more than 148", by AFP, via Channel NewsAsia, "Russian Warships Said to Be Going to Naval Base in Syria", Greek-Speaking Enclaves of Lebanon and Syria, Articles, stories and posts about Tartous (Tartus), Sea Side by Mariyah and Abufares. Alrimal Alzahabeya (الرمال الذهبية) beach resort. In 1123 the Crusaders built the semi-fortified Cathedral of Our Lady of Tortosa over a Byzantine church that was popular with pilgrims. At the First Council of Constantinople in 381, Mocimus appears as bishop of Aradus. Tartus. Tartous Map - Syria - Mapcarta ُوس‎ / ALA-LC: Ṭará¹­Å«s; known in the County of Tripoli as Tortosa and also transliterated Tartous) is a city on the Mediterranean coast of Syria. to Tartous. Well I was going to a country that was at war for almost 7 years and still is in some parts of the country, so it seemed like a good idea. 18x24 cm, … It is the second largest port city in Syria (after Latakia), and the largest city in Tartus Governorate. At the time of the Crusades, Antaradus, by then called Tartus or Tortosa, was a Latin Church diocese, whose bishop also held the titles of Aradus and Maraclea (perhaps Rachlea). In 458, Atticus signed, as bishop of Aradus, the letter of the bishops of the province of Phoenicia Prima to Byzantine Emperor Leo I the Thracian protesting about the murder of Proterius of Alexandria. Tartous sur le site Mapcarta, la carte libre. After researching the best things to do in Syria I agreed on a 7 day tour through the country. They steadily added to its fortifications until it also fell, in 1291. The Port of TARTOUS is also known as … Unlike other travels I was kind of more organized this time. My wife and I had wanted to visit Tartous for years after seeing the old city in a documentary about the Knights Templar. It is the second largest port city in Syria (after Latakia), and the largest city in Tartus Governorate. [3], The History of Tartus goes back to the 2nd millennium BC when it was founded as a Phoenician colony of Aradus. Tartus hosts a Soviet-era naval supply and maintenance base, under a 1971 agreement with Syria, which is still staffed by Russian naval personnel. 328 x 352 - 12,125k - png . The population is 115,769 (2004 census). Arwad Is only a short ferry ride away and a great way to spend a few hours there. Tartous is 30 m above sea level and located at 34.89° N 35.90° E. Tartous has a population of 89457. Junada hotel (previously called Porto Tartous). Athanasius reports that, under Roman Emperor Constantine the Great, Cymatius, the Orthodox bishop of Antaradus and also of Aradus (whose names indicate that they were neighbouring towns facing each other) was driven out by the Arians. Amazing, historic, and completely devoid of tourists! The first chapel to be dedicated to the Virgin is said[by whom?] Local Views of This Port. Tartus is the last Russian military base outside the former Soviet Union, and its only Mediterranean fueling spot, sparing Russia's warships the trip back to their Black Sea bases through straits in Turkey, a NATO member.[14]. The population is 115,769 (2004 census). [6], The city was called Antaradus in Latin. [15][failed verification] Since the start of the Iraqi War, a few thousand Iraqi nationals now reside in Tartus. See the forecast as a table or graph. By Institut Français du Proche-Orient (Ifpo) and Armée du Levant. to have been built here in the 3rd century. Detailed information for Port of TARTOUS, SY TTS. Tartus and the surrounding area are rich in antiquities and archeological sites. Tartus has a well-developed road network and highways. The city lies on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea bordered by the Syrian Coastal Mountain Range to the east. Nur ad-Din Zangi retrieved Tartus from the Crusaders for a brief time before he lost it again. On May 23, 2016, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant claimed responsibility for three suicide bombings at a bus station in Tartus, which had remained largely unaffected since the Syrian Civil War began in 2011. See more ideas about syria, land before time, syria country. The port holds a small Russian naval facility. See the links below the 12-day Tartous weather forecast table for other cities and towns nearby along with weather conditions for local outdoor activities. Tartous was one of the governorates, in which recruits were drawn primarily from communities loyal to the GoS. Click on the Tartous Districts to view it full screen. Tartus Tourism: Tripadvisor has 101 reviews of Tartus Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Tartus resource. Forecasts. Humidity in the summer can reach 0%. Syria is a unitary state, but for administrative purposes, it is divided into fourteen governorates, also called provinces or counties in English (Arabic muḥāfaẓāt, singular muḥāfaẓah).The governorates are divided into sixty districts (manāṭiq, singular miná¹­aqah), which are further divided into subdistricts (nawāḥī, singular nāḥiyah). Not much remains of the Phoenician Antaradus, the mainland settlement that was linked to the more important and larger settlements of Aradus, off the shore of Tartus, and the nearby site of Amrit. Todays weather forecast, by the hour and long term. The Port of Tartous lies on Syria's western shores on the Mediterranean Sea about 42 nautical miles (about 80 kilometers by land) south of the Port of Lattakia. Weather for Arwad will remind you more of a small fishing village in Malta, Spain or Greece than being in Syria. The church is now the site of a museum. W przeszłości był ośrodkiem w Hrabstwie Trypolisu.W II połowie XX wieku stał się drugim, obok Latakii, regionalnym centrum gospodarczym.W 1966 został stolicą prowincji.. Tartus ma szczególne znaczenie dla syryjskich alawitów, którzy w 1990 stanowili 70% populacji miasta. The Cathedral itself was used as a mosque after the Muslim reconquest of the city, then as a barracks by the Ottomans. 328 x 352 - 7,511k - png, 328 x 352 - 7,511k - png, 365 x 510 - 47,569k - jpg, 1056 x 816 - 9,527k - png, 600 x 355 - 14,993k - jpg, 788 x 599 - 18,340k - png, 1002 x 762 - 11,461k - png, 672 x 594 - 5,359k - png, 793 x 599 - 20,120k - png, 1007 x 761 - 11,847k - png, 1004 x 763 - 11,235k - png, 1002 x 757 - 10,430k - png, 1134 x 1455 - 81,640k - jpg, 328 x 352 - 12,125k - png, 328 x 352 - 11,807k - png, 1005 x 760 - 11,837k - png, 1001 x 761 - 11,565k - png, 920 x 780 - 12,639k - png, 415 x 354 - 11,604k - png, 960 x 576 - 12,949k - png, 1008 x 766 - 11,395k - png, 672 x 594 - 5,358k - png, 1002 x 763 - 13,271k - png, 556 x 650 - 186,700k - jpg, 624 x 751 - 11,469k - png, 988 x 751 - 10,950k - png, 1190 x 954 - 295,258k - jpg, 1001 x 760 - 10,795k - png, 800 x 400 - 22,792k - png, 1168 x 784 - 400,216k - jpg, 1168 x 784 - 368,454k - jpg, 421 x 558 - 92,173k - png, 1005 x 764 - 10,483k - png, 457 x 340 - 8,059k - png, 1004 x 765 - 14,067k - png, 660 x 600 - 76,919k - jpg, 650 x 615 - 229,170k - jpg, 1230 x 870 - 205,959k - png, 328 x 352 - 12,666k - png, 328 x 352 - 9,502k - png, 2100 x 2086 - 508,783k - jpg, 1200 x 983 - 493,509k - png, 1228 x 866 - 14,592k - png, 658 x 706 - 34,561k - png, 682 x 1002 - 88,410k - jpg, 672 x 594 - 5,259k - png, 672 x 594 - 5,899k - png, 672 x 594 - 5,910k - png, 672 x 594 - 5,915k - png, 672 x 594 - 5,870k - png, 672 x 594 - 5,902k - png, 672 x 594 - 5,891k - png, 672 x 594 - 5,948k - png, 672 x 594 - 5,877k - png, 672 x 594 - 5,916k - png, 672 x 594 - 5,886k - png, 672 x 594 - 5,888k - png, 672 x 594 - 5,872k - png, 672 x 594 - 5,892k - png, 672 x 594 - 6,999k - png, 1006 x 764 - 10,440k - png, 264 x 427 - 5,353k - png, 1200 x 919 - 298,486k - png, 2048 x 1737 - 52,575k - png, 1000 x 1000 - 108,895k - png, 2581 x 2246 - 516,127k - png. Tartus – miasto portowe w północno-zachodniej Syrii w muhafazie Tartus.. Historia. [citation needed], Muslim armies conquered Tartus under the leadership of Ubada ibn as-Samit in 636. [citation needed]. Many vacation compounds and resorts are located in the region. Abstract. Hospitals in Tartous. Mon 08:00 am Mon 11:00 am Mon 02:00 pm Mon 05:00 pm Mon 08:00 pm Mon 11:00 pm Tue 02:00 am Tue 05:00 am Tue 08:00 am Tue 11:00 am Tue 02:00 pm Tue 05:00 pm. When you require a hospitals in Tartous it could be for any number of good reasons, a cracked bone or perhaps a frequent cold are varieties of circumstances you could seek one. These attractions include: Aside from these historic sites, more modern attractions include: The outlying town of Al Hamidiyah just south of Tartus is notable for having a Greek-speaking population of about 3,000 who are the descendants of Ottoman Greek Muslims from the island of Crete but usually confusingly referred to as Cretan Turks. This page was last edited on 23 December 2020, at 04:08. Mar 21, 2020 - Discover recipes, home ideas, style inspiration and other ideas to try. In October 2015, the 4 th Corps of the SAA was established under a joint Russian-Syrian command - among current soldiers and volunteers, as well as incorporating local loyalist militias, mostly the NDF, from Latakia and Tartous. Many vacation compounds and resorts are located in the region. In the summer it is a vacation spot for many Syrians. In 1152, Tortosa was handed to the Knights Templar, who used it as a military headquarters. ُوس‎ / ALA-LC: Ṭará¹­Å«s; known in the County of Tripoli as Tortosa and also transliterated Tartous) is a city on the Mediterranean coast of Syria. Tartus occupies most of the coastal plain, surrounded to the east by mountains composed mainly of limestone and, in certain places around the town of Souda, basalt. Tourism in Tartous / Syria Tartous is the southern part of the waterfront 's western Syria. That said I basically trusted the tour company completely for only sending me to places that were 100% safe in their believes. They engaged in some major building projects, constructing a castle with a large chapel and an elaborate keep, surrounded by thick double concentric walls. The city has seen some investments in the last few years. Closest health centers. Tartus is a destination for tourists. TARTOUS PORT GENERAL COMPANY is located in Tartous, Syria and is part of the Government Industry. The Tartous governate also plays a strategic economic role by hosting two of Syria's three major ports, Tartous and Banyas (the third is located in Latakia). Aleppo, Syria 7 contributions 5 helpful votes. However, in Tortosa, some Templars were able to retreat into the keep, which they continued to use as a base for the next 100 years. Located on the country's coastal plain, both sit within the Alawite minority's geographic core. Oct 9, 2012 - Explore Moussa's board "Tartous-Syria" on Pinterest. Tartus is Syria's second largest port city, overshadowed only by Latakia. [citation needed] The largest being Antaradus and Porto waterfront development.[13]. Local time in Tartous is EET. File Type: png, File ... Carte Syrie Ville Emar Fr. Aug 3, 2013 - Explore hovigian's photos on Flickr. Theodorus or Theodosius, who died in 518, is mentioned as bishop of Antaradus in a letter from the bishops of the province regarding Severus of Antioch that was read at a synod held by Patriarch Mennas of Constantinople. Asia Syria Tartous + add to My Weather °F | °C Settings. Syria . Syria Direct is an independent journalism organization that produces timely, credible coverage of Syria while training a small group of highly talented, aspiring Syrian and international journalists in professional news-gathering and accurate, in-depth reporting. The city has sandy beaches and several resorts. Tortosa was the last outpost of the Templars on the Syrian mainland, after which they retreated to a garrison on the nearby island of Arwad, which they held for another decade. Alexander was at the Council of Chalcedon in 451 as bishop of Antaradus, Paulus as bishop of Aradus, while, at a synod held at Antioch shortly before, Paulus took part as bishop of both Aradus and Antaradus. Their ancestors moved there in the late 19th century as refugees from Crete after the Kingdom of Greece acquired the island from the Ottoman Empire following the Greco-Turkish War of 1897. TARTOUS SYRIA izleyin - Hüseyin Kaya Dailymotion'da . Al-Hosn Hospital It was captured in 1099 during the First Crusade, but it was later taken over by Muslims, before it was recaptured by Raymond of Saint-Gilles in February 1102 after two weeks of siege, then it was left in 1105 to his son Alfonso Jordan and was known as Tortosa. Dokładny czas teraz, strefa czasowa, różnica czasu, czas wschodu/zachodu słońca i kluczowe fakty dla Tartous, Syria. Tartous, an ancient city on the Mediterranean coast of Syria, is the second largest port in Syria after Latakia and had a population of 115,769 in the 2004 census before the current civil war. The historic centre of Tartus consists of more recent buildings built on and inside the walls of the Crusader-era Templar fortress, whose moat still separates this old town from the modern city on its northern and eastern sides. My Weather. Click here to add Tartous. The hills to the east of the city create a cooler climate with even higher rainfall. Tartous. Tartous Districts ; Tartous Districts. Location of Tartous, Markaz Tartus, Tartus, Syria (N 34° 53' 20.472", E 35° 53' 11.724") on the map. Exact time now, time zone, time difference, sunrise/sunset time and key facts for Tartous, Syria. Various important and well known sites are located within a 30-minute drive from Tartus. It was united to the see of Famagosta in Cyprus in 1295. [10], The city was favored by Constantine for its devotion to the cult of the Virgin Mary. Together with a Syrian tour agency which organized the whole trip I set up an itinerary for us. The Port of Tartous is the capital of the Tartus Governorate and one of the country's two major ports. Satellite . Syrie, gouvernorat de Tartous, District de Tartous, île de Raouad, vue aérienne oblique . [11] The Templars' mission was to protect the city and surrounding lands, some of which had been occupied by Christian settlers, from Muslim attack. The city port is experiencing major expansion as a lot of Iraqi imports come through the port of Tartus to aid reconstruction efforts in Iraq. Tartous, SANA - St Mary Cathedral in Tartus dates back to 12 AD, where it was built by the Crusades around 1145. [5] The colony was known as Antaradus (from Greek "Anti-Arados → Antarados", Anti-Aradus, meaning "The town facing Arwad"). Carte De La Syrie Fr. At the time of the Council of Ephesus (431), some sources speak of a Musaeus as bishop of Aradus and Antaradus, while others mention only Aradus or only Antaradus. The port holds a small Russian naval facility. Tartus is known for its relatively mild weather and high precipitation compared to inland Syria. 328 x 352 - 11,807k - … Tartus is an important trade center in Syria and has one of the two main ports of the country on the Mediterranean. Finally, in October 2017, we visited. Originally known as the "Nusayris," the Alawites became established along the Mediterranean coast under the Shiite Hamdanid dynasty. It was renovated under the French and is now the city museum, containing antiquities recovered from Amrit and many other sites in the region. Tartus has a Mediterranean climate (Köppen Csa) with mild, wet winters, hot and dry summers, and short transition periods in April and October. In Jableh, similarly insulated, another four bombers killed over a hundred people.[12]. Tartous est une ville côtière de Syrie, abritant le second port du pays après celui de Lattaquié. TARTOUS PORT GENERAL COMPANY has 3640 employees at this location and generates $282.92 million in sales (USD). Arwad, the only inhabited island on the Syrian coast, is located a few kilometers off the shore of Tartus. Type of Local View : Name of Port Feature: Container Terminal The acts of the Second Council of Constantinople in 553 were signed by Asyncretius as bishop of Aradus. The l… [2] In the summer it is a vacation spot for many Syrians.