Synopsis anim.quad =,anim.b,anim.c,anim.d,player.img:getDimensions()) and then use anim.quad in the part also what might be a bit cleaner and easier is to initialise all the quads in love.load: * Fixed This is the first Release Candidate for Löve Potion, version 2.0.0. * Fixed line numbers in shader errors. You may find the latest changes in the gist listing.. New:. Résultats . Fonction . * Fixed scissor boxes when a canvas is set after is called. Disponible depuis LÖVE 0.8.0 Cette variante n'est pas prise en charge dans les versions antérieures. number blue Le composant bleu (0-255). ; Update 2020-12-12 @ 23:30 But when I’ve started working on these, I quickly … Esta função pode ser lenta, se for chamada repetidamente, como dentro de love.update ou love.draw.Se você precisa usar um recurso específico com frequência, crie-o uma vez e guarde-o em algum lugar onde possa ser reutilizado! You can specify a negative value for sx or sy to flip the drawable horizontally or vertically. Contribute to love2d/love development by creating an account on GitHub. anchors from the top left corner by default. * Added the ability to avoid clearing specific Canvases when calling, if multiple Canvases are active at once via * Added the "lighten" GraphicsFeature constant. I’ve implemented small labyrinth game, and thought about adding more features to the engine, such as camera shake, and wall height change. The update to 0.10.0 is now happening on the develop branch. It was a lot of fun, an interesting experience, and ClojureScript was awesome. * Fixed on some Windows systems. * Added optional "collideconnected" argument to love.physics.newMotorJoint. * Fixed alpha blend mode. The t.screen table doesn't exist in love.conf in 0.9.0, and the t.window table doesn't exist in love.conf in 0.8.0. Long-awaited Canvas objects! ; Fixed to actually do left, center, and right alignments.justify works on 3DS, but Switch does not yet. So I will treat all changes as changes towards 0.10.0. The t.window table was named t.screen in versions prior to 0.9.0. LÖVE is an awesome 2D game framework for Lua. walk =, 0, 120, 120, walkinganim:getDimensions()) -- this one is made up off of multiple pieces of code so let's break it down first of all, "What is a quad? " number green La composante verte (0-255). These include the Canvas:renderTo(func) function. * Fixed multiplicative blend mode. The pivotal point is (x, y) on the screen and (ox, oy) in the internal coordinate system of the drawable object, before rotation and scaling. Previously I’ve decided to implement a rather basic raycasting engine in ClojureScript. * Added Text:getDimensions. It's hard to differentiate between changes which are made because of 0.10.0 or just concern 0.9.2. A quadrilateral (a polygon with four sides and four corners) with texture coordinate information. Rien. * Fixed returning incorrect values. red, green, blue ) Arguments number red Le composant rouge (0-255). If this is done, LÖVE may crash if any function from is called before the first love.window.setMode in your code.